Never be satisfied with average

Join the unstoppable

We value attitude over skills

We value attitude over skills

In Nevercode everybody runs the company. That requires strong self-discipline, respect towards each other, taking initiative, never settling for average. People in Nevercode are optimistic and not afraid of the unknown and making risky decisions. There’s no use of topnotch skillset, if your attitude sucks. Whiners and sceptics are not welcome. Period.

Passion for the product

Passion for the product

Our product is like a child who we love unconditionally. Even if she screams, slams doors and embarrasses us in front of everybody else, we still think she’s the most adorable creature in the world. We are so excited to see who she will be one day. She gets all the support she needs from us to realize her full potential.

We always aim for meaningful impact

We always aim for meaningful impact

Everything we do has a meaning. We care about things that influence people, nature, our planet the most. People who are contributing into Nevercode’s mission want to do something meaningful in life. People in Nevercode value long-term impact over instant gratification.

Our focus is on quality

Our focus is on quality

We aim for the best results and highest quality possible. That means keeping focus on the most important tasks, which brings true value to our users. Maintaining focus creates energy and makes magic happen. We believe and we succeed.

We are looking for
extraordinary people
who share our values

Be ready for the experience of a lifetime

Full-Stack Developer

Do you want to be part of the team that will be remembered as the rebels who forever changed the way software is developed? Do you believe that automation is the key to unlock the future? Then Nevercode is your place to be.

We’re looking for a fearless misfit (read: Not you, if you’re happy with your current position and don’t want to do anything cool. How did you end up here anyway?) to join the movement.



  • Develop, optimize, scale and maintain our service while being part of a team of superheroes
  • Share your best ideas for the product, system architecture, security and technical strategy
  • Integrate the best developer tools and maintain public APIs


  • A number of years of field experience in working with an object-oriented language
  • Experience with Python (not the pet snake!)
  • Experience with Angular or a similar Javascript MVC framework is a plus

Bonus Points

  • Prior experience working on SaaS products
  • iOS and/or Android development experience

I want that job

Perks and benefits

Flexible working options

Cool office in city center

Snacks and drinks

Sports compensation

Fun team events, such as hackathons, team lunches etc

Self-development day twice per month

Paid vacation day on your birthday