How using Nevercode saves TUYA 20h of manual work per month


TUYA is revolutionizing same-day express delivery. Backed by decades of logistics experience, their digital platform allows shippers and drivers to work together directly, making same-day delivery simpler, faster and more convenient.

Nevercode is saving us about 20 hours of effort per month and the value is increasing

Going from no ability to manage their work process, TUYA Technologies advanced to a full ability with Nevercode. Reducing TUYA’s dependency on the 3rd party vendor allowed them to take ownership of the process. “Nevercode improved our sense of security pretty dramatically,” says Robert.

"Since the client feedback and the desire to automate the whole process is increasing rapidly, the amount of time and money that Nevercode is saving us is only increasing", concludes Robert.


// Setting up a project takes just 4 clicks


// Nevercode saves 4-5 hours of manual work per week


// Nevercode saves TUYA Technologies 20 hours of effort per month worth $1600

Robert Herrick

Director of Information Technologies
TUYA Technologies