Your CI/CD partner just got better
Nevercode is transitioning to Codemagic January 1, 2021
We are taking our expertise from working with the world’s most innovative companies combined with the feedback from the community and invite you to test out Codemagic, a top-rated CI/CD tool as voted by developers*
* According to Google survey.

Build, test and deliver mobile apps in record time

Codemagic is highly customizable and integrates with the tools you need to get the job done. Configure all your workflows in a single codemagic.yaml file and store it in the repository.

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CI/CD for mobile apps
Bring your Android, iOS, React Native, Cordova, Ionic and Flutter apps to Codemagic
Infrastructure as code
Set up the build pipeline in one easy-to-configure codemagic.yaml file
Customizable YAML workflows
Use any tools and custom scripting to create workflows that suit your needs
Automatic iOS code signing
Let Codemagic take care of creating and managing iOS certificates and provisioning profiles
Powerful macOS machines
Easily switch between Mac mini and Mac Pro machines for best results, Linux coming soon
Deploy anywhere
Publish to App Store Connect, Google Play, Firebase App Distribution or any other service